Ritesh Aggarwal – AN Outlier (#3)



An outlier is a person differing from all other members of a set or group or in other words who is not affected by what other people’s opinions are for him.


Ritesh marks out the boundary of what an Outlier is



Ritesh Aggarwal is the CEO & founder of OYO Rooms, India’ largest hospitality company which aims at providing good quality rooms at affordable prices which is a network of 10,000 franchises, which spans over 350 cities across five countries. OYO aspires to be worlds largest hotel chains till 2023 & good quality living space for the middle-class families.

He was born into a middle-class business family in Bissamcuttack, a residential community south of Odisha a region prone to Naxalite activity. Even as a kid he was aspired to do his own thing. He always tried to find something new and unique things so that he can make mistakes and learn from them. When he was young he played with the computers for fun and as a result developed an interest in software in order to know more about, how the software works he borrowed programming books from his brother and taught himself programming languages like Pascal, basic. he always founded a way to solve things. He developed an interest in entrepreneurship. He strongly believes that if you have limited exposure, you’re handicapped that’s why he believes in creating opportunity. thus to gain exposure and to try new opportunity he also sold sim cards a few years ago.


He moved out from his hometown to complete his further studies i.e. engineering in Kota, as it was the farthest station from his hometown so that he can get more independent. He knew that the conventional way was not his cup of tea. As he was more interested in a practical way & thus he accepted the truth and made a decision to drop out of the college. He always tried to find a way to know more about business thus he sneaked out from Kota to Delhi to every weekend to meet entrepreneurs like Rahul Bhatia from inter globe 

The story behind the creation of Oyo is a true example of his problem-solving skills as Oyo’s main mission is to create great living spaces for a common man in India.

A major turning part of his life was when he applied for the Peter Thiel Fellowship that is a global contest intended for students under the age of 20. The acceptance rate is lower than the Ivys, but the catch is that you have to drop out of college, which set perfect with his future plan. He became the first Indian to win Thiel Fellowship, where he was given $100,000 grant by early Facebook investor and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. He also mentioned that one of his learning from the fellowship and the experience is to dream big.

He has received many achievements for his business for e.g. he is ranked in Forbes list that is 30 under 30-Asia-consumer technology & many more.


1.Dream big:- Ritesh shared in an interview that while participating in the fellowship he learned that dream big and work with full passion towards it to fulfill it.

2. Be an outlier:- he is a true example of an outlier as from his childhood he wanted to do something different and nothing could stop him, he was not affected by what others think about him.

3. Don’t be stuck, take decisions:- He always knew that college education was not meant for him thus he had guts to quit all of that and start a business on his own.

4. Follow your dreams:- From his childhood, he wanted to be an Entrepreneur and he followed his dream passionately and today he is the CEO of the disruptive hospitality business.
















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